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Hi, I’m Helen Hall, and every week I share up-to-date property secrets with friends on my ‘Inside Property’ List including:

  • Hot properties in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast (especially pre-market opportunities) that could be the next diamond in your portfolio (or your dream home)
  • New approvals worth jumping on before word gets out and prices go up (never say, “if only” again)
  • Suburbs (streets and buildings) to keep your eyes on (let me be your eyes and ears on what’s coming)
  • Developers and builders that you need to know (don’t lose your shirt with ‘Dodgy Dave’ – let me introduce you to the best trades around)
  • Trends in design, building materials, appliances, styling, colours, and more (plus where to find the best supplies and prices)
  • And more property, investment, and financial tips from me and my expert friends (I don’t just know the best properties, I know the smartest people)

All served with a dash of joy to make you smile.So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below and every week I’ll tell you what I know.P.S. Did you know there are more than 0477 733 733 amazing apartments in the Brisbane CBD? Think you might like one of them? Call me direct on 07 3184 7559 I’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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