High-Performing Investment Properties

High-Performing  Investment Properties

We help investors to find, purchase, and manage the best investment properties (before they are advertised) so you can grow your wealth and your lifestyle

Beautiful Homes In Stunning Locations

Why More  Investors Choose HH Realty

With hundreds of real estate agents in Brisbane, it’s hard to know who to choose (and who you can trust). The wrong agent will waste your time with inferior properties. But the right agent will give you access to high-performing investment properties before they are advertised on the open market. Here are some of the things that make me the investment property advocate you’ve been looking for:

Heleh Hall Real Estate Agent Brisbane Property Investment
  • Vast Industry Knowledge

    We have comprehensive knowledge of all the new developments in Brisbane.

  • Time-saving

    Let us handle the groundwork on your behalf to save you time.

  • Years of Experience

    Providing legal advice to the property industry for years

  • Tailored Solution

    Deep understanding of your needs, goals, and circumstances

  • Wide Network of Contracts

    Having access to thousands of on-market and off-market properties as well.

  • Access Like Nobody Else’s

    Offering access to properties that have not been formally advertised.

  • Expert Negotiation & Bidding

    Take advantages of our constructive negotiation and bidding skills

  • Representing Your Interests

    Better result for your family or your portfolio without any compromise

  • Attention to details

    Assuring thoroughness not to miss a single detail

  • Consistent Communication

    Always keeping clients in the loop to assure complete peace of mind

Want the Inside Scoop  On the Best
Brisbane Investment Properties?

  • Are you short on time and tired of wasting hours online trying to compare exaggerated property ads… and wish you could speak with someone ‘on the ground’ who knows Brisbane investment properties?

  • Do you feel frustrated when you think you’ve finally found the perfect property only to discover it doesn’t actually exist (it’s a ‘phishing’ ad), has already been sold (but is still being advertised), or is listed way lower than the actual price just to get you to inquire?

  • Are you unsure what Brisbane properties are really worth… and wish there was somebody you could trust to give you honest advice, advance pre-market notice, and first option to buy when your perfect property comes up?

Many investors have similar concerns and questions. That’s why we’ve designed a Free Consultation to help you avoid expensive mistakes and get the best investment properties to build your wealth and lifestyle.

What Makes Brisbane Such  A Great Place To Invest?

Brisbane property about to boom!

  • Record infrastructure spending to create tens of thousands of jobs. The Queens Wharf Precinct alone will create 11,500 jobs.

  • Brisbane’s population is expected to double by 2055.

  • The price gap between Sydney and Melbourne compared to Brisbane is now at an all-time high. The last time it was like this was 2004 and a major boom was triggered.

  • Demand is outsripping supply right now by 80 properties per week.

Brisbane Investment Properties

All the key indicators are pointing to Brisbane being at the start of the boom phase of the property cycle. Sydney and Melbourne have well and truly had theirs, and Perth is most of the way through. Brisbane is right at the start.

Multiple large infrastructure projects will create jobs, spending, and population growth. With the affordability gap compared to Sydney and Melbourne at an all time high, we can already see demand outstripping supply. If you’re looking to invest in property in Australia, it has to be Brisbane.

How I Help You Get a Better Deal On  Brisbane Investment Properties?

Over the past 17 years I’ve helped hundreds of investors find, buy and manage high performing investment properties.

Unlike other real estate agents that lure clients with fake properties (that were magically sold yesterday) and false low prices (that seem too good… because they are), I give you honest advice and assistance.

And while most realtors try to be an expert in all types of properties in multiple locations, I focus on Brisbane investment properties so I can help you get you the best pre-market deals that accelerate your wealth and lifestyle.

Penthouse Living

Brisbane’s Penthouse Apartment Specialist

Brisbane Apartments

Want to live on top of the world?

  • Whether you’re a professional looking for the convenience of city living and entertaining, or you’re retiring and looking for a larger, more luxurious apartment with room to relax, you’ll love Brisbane’s spectacular penthouses.

  • But getting your hands on one is not always easy. Demand is high. And most are snapped up by savvy buyers before they make it to the open market. You need someone on the inside to give you access to the best deals.

  • That’s why we offer a Free Consultation to answer your questions and give you an overview of what’s available (and coming up). Click here to book a time to speak with Helen.

  • How we help you get the perfect Brisbane penthouse.

  • Over the past 17 years we’ve helped hundreds of people find their perfect apartment.

  • Unlike other real estate agents who generalise in all sorts of properties all over Brisbane, we specialise in apartments (especially penthouses) in and near to the CBD.

  • We know the streets, the buildings, and the upcoming developments that offer the best penthouse apartments in Brisbane. And we have the contacts to give you access to exclusive pre and off-market deals.

With more than 17 years’ experience, and the biggest network of development contacts in Brisbane, Helen Hall is the person to know if you’re looking for Brisbane’s best penthouse apartments

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With more than 17 years’ experience, and the biggest network of development contacts in Brisbane, Helen hall is the person to know if you’re looking for Brisbane’s best penthouse apartments

Ruby Ruby

Pay emotionally inflated prices no more. We leave no stone unturned, no detail overlooked when it comes to finding and purchasing Brisbane real estate. Whether you are an owner-occupier, expert home buyer, or investor – our service structure is designed to ensure we secure the best available property, at the best price.

Danby Lane

Have you found your perfect home or investment property? But not sure about its worth or need some extra due diligence and opinions regarding zoning impacts? Want to partner with an expert negotiator? Look no further than us. We can help you secure the property for the right price and proper terms and conditions.

Brisbane Apartment

Your Next Step To Get A High Performing Brisbane Investment Property

You could waste hours trying to find an apartment online. Or, you could simply call me and I will…

  • Help you get crystal clear about what you’re looking for

  • Give you an honest and up-to-date idea of prices

  • Help you get ‘buyer ready’ so you can take advantage of pre-market deals

  • Find your perfect Brisbane investment property, negotiate a great deal, and help you manage it so you can grow your wealth and your lifestyle

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