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Hi! I’m Helen Hall

If you’ve ever wondered…

Working with a buyer’s agent can be a comprehensive experience involving several steps.

“Where can I find honest, expert help to get unbeatable pre-market deals on the best properties in Australia?”, you’re in the right place. Savvy investors and discerning owner-occupiers turn to me for property advice.

HH Realty Hellen Hall Brisbane Real Estate Agent

I help…

  • Investors gain early access to pre and off-market developments to boost your portfolio. My team of trusted professionals can handle everything from sourcing the right property, through to finance, legal, rental management, and even styling.
  • Owner Occupiers find the perfect property, so you don’t have to waste hours online being misled by photoshopped images or ads for properties that don’t exist (or cost way more than the advertised price). I take time to understand what you’re looking for, and then bring you a shortlist of suitable properties to consider.

  • Sophisticated Buyers acquire an exquisite penthouse – top-floor-luxury with the best views, the best amenities, in the best locations. Don’t wait until these properties are on the market where you’ll compete with cashed-up local and international buyers. I’ll introduce you to my network of top developers and help you get a better pre-market deal.

I am….

  • In the know with all the latest developments around town. Plus, my researchers track suburbs (and even streets) to spot trends before the market moves. If you want this inside information, make sure you join my ‘Inside Property’ list so I can keep you up to date too.

  • Connected with the best developers, builders, and property experts who feed me information and give my clients priority services and prices.

  • Experienced in property and people – having spent the last 17 years helping buyers get clarity around what they want in a property, and then helping them find it.

  • Completely honest – even if it means I’m sometimes perceived as a little abrupt. Sorry about that – but I won’t stand for the lies that so many real estate salespeople pass off as ‘spin’. I’ll tell you the truth – even if it’s not always what you want to hear.

I don’t…

  • Don’t deal in existing properties – only brand-new developments. I love the excitement of new properties – following all the critical details from planning, building, right through to the thrill of moving in (or renting for profit). I love the luxury of new properties – the latest designs, building materials, appliances, and styling. And I love the security of new properties that are finished beautifully and covered by warranties

  • Don’t double dip regarding fees – I help you find your perfect property, but I won’t charge you a cent (I receive a modest commission from developers). If you want something that I don’t have in my network, I will refer you to somebody who can help you (but they will probably charge you a fee).

  • Don’t have the largest stocklist or network – but I do have the best. My clients are busy. They don’t want to spend months researching dozens of properties (only to miss out), and risk their luck with unknown suppliers. They want me to do the legwork and give them my expert recommendation.

What’s next?

The truth is, I don’t know (yet) if I can help you. That’s why I offer a Free Consultation during which I will…
  • Help you get crystal clear about what you’re looking for

  • Give you an honest and up-to-date idea of what’s available (or coming up) and what prices are doing

  • Help you get ‘buyer ready’ so you can take advantage of pre-market deals

  • Tell you honestly if I can help (and what’s involved)

  • And if we mutually decide, I’ll find your perfect Brisbane apartment, negotiate a great deal, and help you move in (or rent for top dollar) quickly and easily

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20 Minutes of Answers and Expert Advice

Unlike many ‘free consultations’ that feel more like a high-pressure sales pitch, I will give you my best advice, specific to your situation, without obligation.

If I feel I can help you, I’ll simply explain how and what’s involved. If I feel another advisor or course of action will serve you better, I’ll tell you that too.

My hope is that by offering you the benefit of my 17 years of experience in this way, you’ll get so much valuable advice that you’ll consider choosing or recommending me in the future. Again, there is no obligation to do so.

So, what do you think – worth talking? Click the button below or call me on +61 477 733 733