Buyer’s Agent

Brisbane’s Most Connected Buyer’s Agent / Advocate

Brisbane’s Most Connected Buyer’s Agent / Advocate

With more than 17 years’ experience and the biggest network of development contacts in Brisbane, HH Realty will help you find the perfect apartment… So you can move into an amazing new lifestyle, or add a hot property to your portfolio.

Pitfalls of buying an apartment in Brisbane

Finding the right Brisbane apartment can be downright daunting. Like many people who are already busy, perhaps you’re tired of spending hours every night looking at property listings online:

  • Getting excited by what seems to be a bargain, only to feel disappointed (again and again) to discover the real price is $100k, $250k or even $500k more than the advertised price

  • Feeling misled by photoshopped images that make a studio apartment look like a mansion (or suddenly realise your ‘million-dollar view’ is actually the back of another building)

  • Finally finding the perfect apartment, but missing out to cashed-up international investors who swoop in at the last minute to push the price out of your reach

  • And never sure if the properties you’re looking at even exist (or if they are sneaky phishing ads designed to get you to call)

That’s why you need a buyer’s agent / advocate – a trusted expert who knows every development in Brisbane, and can help you get unbeatable pre and off-market deals on the best Brisbane apartments.

Having the right Brisbane Buyer’s Agent / Advocate is like having a trusted expert on your side

Having a buyer’s agent / advocate when you’re looking for a Brisbane apartment is like having a contact on the inside – someone who:

  • Knows all the developments (the good and bad)

  • Knows about upcoming approvals and infrastructure

  • Knows the suburbs, streets, and buildings

  • Knows the prices

And most importantly, has the network to give you early access to the best pre-market properties (before they are advertised) – properties with:

  • The best views (of the river, city, cliffs, mountains)

  • The best locations (close to Southbank, Performing Arts, CBD)

  • The best amenities (appliances, tiles, benchtops, tapware etc.)

  • The best value (size, location, and quality for the price)

Brisbane apartment specialists

  • Brisbane has some excellent buyer’s agents / advocates. But most are generalists attempting to provide buying advice on all sorts of properties (mostly established homes) all over Brisbane. Brisbane has a population of 2.28 million and 813,227 homes. That’s a lot to try to know about.

  • At HH Realty, we focus on apartments in and around the CBD. So, instead of knowing a little about a lot of properties, we know a lot about apartments in and close to Brisbane city.

  • This approach means we are among the first to know about Brisbane developments in the pipeline. And can give our clients early access to pre-market deals.

You’re A-Z apartment advocate removes the risks and headaches of buying an apartment

Buying a Brisbane apartment is exciting. But it can also be overwhelming. Especially when you’re trying to maintain a busy life. Not only do we help you find your perfect apartment, we guide you every step of the way during the buying process and can provide hands-on help with:

  • Finance and Legal

  • Property management

  • And even Styling

Sounds expensive – what’s the cost?

Most buyer’s agents / advocates charge the buyer a fee (sometimes a flat fee, sometimes a percentage, sometimes a combination). And if they help you find the right property, it can be worth it.But, because we deal with a much smaller market (Brisbane apartments) we already know what’s available (and coming down the line). So, rather than charge you a fee for this inside information, we prefer to:

  • Understand what you’re looking for

  • Match you with stock that is already available (or keep in touch and let you know when a suitable property comes up)

  • Negotiate an unbeatable pre-market deal on your behalf

  • Help you through every stage of the purchase

And because we deal in new developments that pay a modest commission, we don’t have to charge you a cent. That’s right – you get our advice, hands-on-help, and access to our network — 100% free!

What’s the next step?

Yes, you could waste hours trying to find an apartment online yourself. Or, you could simply call me and I will…

  • Help you get crystal clear about what you’re looking for

  • Give you an honest and up-to-date idea of prices

  • Help you get ‘buyer ready’ so you can take advantage of pre-market deals

  • Find your perfect Brisbane apartment, negotiate a great deal, and help you move in (or rent for top dollar) quickly and easily